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Why use Norse Beards beard products?

Many beardsmen tend to not use any product on their beards, they usually hit it with a quick wash with their shampoo and call it a day. Unfortunately, using shampoo on your beard hair can be very damaging. Using a regular shampoo on your beard hair can strip all the oils, cause it to be dry and frizz, which then leads to breaking and split ends.

Having the correct beard wash in your daily routine would save you from all of that mess. After you wash your beard with the correct Beard Wash, follow that up with a Beard Oil or Beard Balm to ensure a healthy, moisturized beard. Our beard products are designed to be used daily and can easily be added into your routine, that way you won't have to deal with a dry, itching, flaking beard anymore.

Our products are made with all natural, high quality, ingredients, so that way your beard and the skin underneath will never be dry again. Not only will it stop it from being dry, but it will also be smelling amazing.

Read our FAQ for more info and a full ingredient list.

Beard Care

Beard Oil

• All natural ingredients

• Repair your dry/damaged beard hair

• Will make it unbelievably soft and smell great

• No more itching and flaking

Beard Balm

• All natural ingredients

• Acts as a leave in conditioner

• Will be moisturized deep, giving your beard a healthy and soft feel

• Supplies a light hold for some styling 

Beard Wash

• Paraben free

• Gives a deep cleaning for your beard, but can also double as body wash

• Gives your beard a reset with all the coarse, dirty hair, and refreshes it

We get that it's extremely hard to smell through your computer/phone, which is exactly why we have samples. We know it's very important to test before you buy, different ingredients react on different people, no skin is the same. With our samples you'll get enough to see if you like the scent, and how they work on you.

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