About the Norse

Our Story

We here at Norse Beards are beardsmen that strive to make the best quality products and have top-notch service. We want to provide you with the best oils, balms, wash, and every other product you need to keep your skin and beard going strong and healthy.

Our team wanted to be sure you would get the best products available on the market. We want it to be known that we have high quality for our beardsmen, nothing but all natural ingredients that will be going on your skin and beard.

A lot of us here have dry, itchy, flaky beards, due our skin underneath. Products we have used in the past haven't worked a whole lot, it would leave our skin and beard dry and itching still. We would need to use a lot or sometimes it would just spill right out, a ton of oil was left in our hands, it was just a mess. We wanted to step up and create products that did the complete opposite of that, and not only that, our scents take it to another level.


What's Our Goal?

Not only will you be provided great products and service, we want to be apart of the change of society and how they view facial hair in general. A lot of companies and businesses want a "clean-shaven" look, but why not have a badass beard and mustache? We want to help change that and grow into a community that can accept our beardsmen.

Norse Beards wanted to stop the boring, musky, scents that you can find everywhere. We decided to take it to the next level and add in some unique scents that you will love and can't resist... in fact, nobody will be able to resist. You have will all the women around you and not wanting to leave the second they smell your beard.

As mentioned above, we wanted to stop the dryness in beards. Having a dry beard is the worst, it's non-stop itching, flaking, it's definitely a mood killer when you're not constantly scratching or flaking. We truly believe our products will do justice for both your skin and beard and no longer leave it dry, itching, or flaking.

Not only will you have excellent products and service, you will encounter a family that will not only know you on a first name basis, but will gladly take you in on being a Norse Beardsmen.

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