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Norse Beards Boar Hair Beard Brush

Norse Beards Boar Hair Beard Brush

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Experience the transformative benefits of our Boar Hair Brush for your beard. Its firm bristles evenly distribute natural and Beard oils/Balms, promote healthier growth, and tame unruly hairs, giving you a well-groomed and lustrous beard.

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How To Use

  • Make sure your beard is dry or slightly damp. Using the brush in wet hair may cause damage or breakage.
  • Brush your beard in the direction it grows to keep it a neat and uniform appearance.

What Our Brush Provide

  • Doesn't damage hair while brushing; No more tears, splits, or fractures
  • Natural bristles gently massages, increases blood flow which encourages hair growth
  • Beard hair obtains good elasticity
  • Beard hair will be less frizzy
  • Natural oils will stimulate and make your beard hair more healthy/hydrated
  • Controls styling better

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Boar Hair

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My apologies

I've decided to give it a 5 star because i feel bad for giving it a 1star rating. You can go ahead and delete the original review. I also feel guilty for disrespecting you. I'm sorry for my rudeness.