Norse Points Reward System

When you join our Norse Family, we take you in as family, as a brother. With that being said when you sign up and start purchasing Norse Beard products, you get rewarded and all you have to do is click that little bag with the heart on it that says "Rewards". Here, we'll break it down for you to make easier:


Ways to earn Norse Points:

  • 50 points Facebook Share
  • 50 points Instagram Follow
  • 50 points Facebook Like
  • Every order placed, you get 3 Norse Points for every $1 spent
  • 200 points for your Birthday
  • 200 points for Signing up


Ways to redeem Norse Points:

  • $5 off coupon for 500 Norse Points
  • $10 off coupon for 1000 Norse Points
  • $25 off coupon for 2500 Norse Points
  • 100 Norse Points = $1


With that being said... let's get you a part of our Norse Family so you can start saving your money, and spend less!


Keep checking back for more ways to earn and added bonuses as we grow; VIP, Referrals, etc.