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A signature scent from Norse Beards, with notes of Rich Bergamot, Vanilla, and undertones of Patchouli. Once you smell it, you'll fall in love.

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How To Use

Scoop about a dime sized balm out on your finger and rub it into your palms. Run it through your beard, and then massage into your skin under your beard. Be sure it really gets on the skin good since that is the point that will be getting dry, itchy and/or flaky. Any leftovers can be used for your tattoos to bring them to life.

What Our Balms Provide

  • Relieve beard itch
  • Moisturize the dry and flaky skin
  • Promote healthy beard hair growth
  • A bit thicker, can help style your beard
  • Make your beard overall healthier and easier to control
  • Repair dry/damaged hair
  • Soften your beard
  • Take control of fly aways
  • Leave-in conditioner

Product Information

Made with some of the best all natural oils, you'll be left with a fantastic beard that will be lightweight, smelling good, and low-greasy

  • Bottle Size: 2oz Tin Can
  • Hold: Medium - Relaxes and conditions hair
  • Suggested Use: Daily
  • Fragrance Profile: Gentle and subtle
  • Tones: Rich Bergamot, Vanilla, Patchouli
  • Scent Strength: Medium


Naturally Refined Shea Butter, 100% Pure White Beeswax, Virgin Argan Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernal Oil, Avocado Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Hempseed Oil, Scented With Premium Grade Essential Oils, with added scents

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michael Howard
not delivered yet

not delivered yet

Jerry Sanders
Beard balm

It smells awesome and holds great will buy every time great products looking forward to trying more and new products

Laura Lanning
On the money

Beard is not waxy at all. Much softer and great smelling. Will continue to use and purchase more as needed.

Justin B.
Wanna touch it!!

This balm is the best one in my opinion, if it were up to scents. I have tried several flavors Norse Beards have to offer and I love this smell, it works with every oil I own from the piney woodsy to island rum scented ones of all brands. It has a very consistent texture (as do all the balms I have purchased from NB), I live in Florida and have left it in my work vehicle and it still keeps it's consistency, doesn't break down and get chalky like other balms I've encountered in the past. Typically I will use it after showering and an application of my favorite oils to keep the ol whiskers happy, takes about 10min but you can feel the difference, it doesn't leave a tacky sticky feel (makes you wanna keep touching it), holds shape well and you can work a 12hr shift and still emit it's wonderful aroma after. If your kid, when hugging you buries their face in your beard and the faint and slightly muffled "it's so sooffftt daddy, and smells so good, you smell so good" can be heard , it must be good. I've been using Norse Beards product for 3 months and have used lots of product over the past couple of years, tested chemical based and all natural ingredients, stay away from the chem based, no bueno. If you like a manly scent that isn't overbearing but still says you got a pair to go with that beautifully soft facial hair, give this scent a shot. Thanks NB for the quality beard products, definitely didn't disappoint.

Sam Spence
My Favorite Balm So Far

This balm has a great scent and the perfect texture. In combination with the same scent balm, its not overwhelming, but still leaves a great scent all day.
So far, Norsemen is my favorite scent so far