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We get that it's hard to smell through your computer or phone, so that's why we have made it available to buy samples. It's very important to test product out before buying the full deal, just incase you don't like how it smells or how it performs on your skin/beard.

You will get 5 Beard Oil (we will be adding in Berserk and Elitism) samples so you can get the feel of the scent that you would like. Not only will you get to smell each one, but you will also get the idea of how Norse Beards will work on your beard, because not only will you have to smell great, but you need to feel great with it on. You will get about a week or two use out of it, depending on beard length and how often you use it.

The scents you will receive are as followed:

  • Norsemen - Rich Bergamot, Vanilla, and Patchouli
  • Caribbean - Fresh Island Fruit
  • Alpine - Deep Wooded Aroma
  • Fjord - Crisp Mountain Air
  • Sandalwood - Warm and Woodsy, with a hint of Cinnamon

*Note: If you would wish to receive a Clean (Unscented) sample, please write it in the notes and we will include it. We do not include this in the kit being that it is unscented and generally most do not have a smell, even though some do have a little hint of something, ours do not.

Customer Reviews

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Octavio Zertuche

Perfect for try to figure out which fragrance fits you.

Bobby C.
Great way to find your scent

These samples make it way easier to know which scents you will like before you go and buy. Found my favorite two in Alpine and Sandalwood.

Andrew bachtel

Beard oil samples

David Hutchens

Beard Oil Samples