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If you're wanting to wake up with a beach right outside your window, smelling the fresh scents of coconuts and pineapples... Look nowhere else, Bay Breeze does all of that for you. It's the perfect blend if you love that beach smell with fresh fruit all around you, making you love Paradise.

A scent that lasts all day and will leave everyone wondering what Island you just came back from.


How to use:

Start off with getting your beard wet. Squeeze about a dime sized amount on to your hand and start rubbing it into your beard and the skin underneath. Focus on the skin and the roots, then work your way down the beard. Rinse. Smell good, feel good.

We recommend using Beard Wash like you would wash your head hair, about 2 -3 times a week. It all depends on your skin type and location. If you have more oily skin, or live in a more wet, humid area, you can wash it more frequently. If you're known to have more dry skin, who lives in a more dry climate, you can wash less. Types of beard hair can factor in as well, thick and curly can benefit from less washing, where as straight and patchy can be washed more often. Of course if you're exposed to more dirt than usual, well... get to washing! You know your body best though.


Benefits of using our Beard Wash:

  • Stops the itch
  • Deep cleansing, removes all the dirt
  • Promotes a healthy and comfortable beard
  • Will not irritate your beard hair/skin underneath like regular Shampoo
  • Maintains moisture and untangle any knots
  • No more Beard dandruff
  • Won't strip the natural oils
  • Gentle enough to be used daily


Made with some of the best ingredients, you'll be left with a fantastic beard that will be lightweight, smelling good, and provides a deep cleansing

  • Bottle Size: 8oz / 240ml Bottle
  • Hold: None - Refreshes your beard
  • Suggested Use: 2 - 3 times a week; daily if needed
  • Fragrance Profile: Like you just step foot onto the Caribbean beach
  • Tones: Pineapples, Coconuts
  • Scent Strength: Strong
  • Ingredients: Water, Honey, Wheat Protein, Soy and Coconut Based Surfactant Dodecyl Alcohol, Vitamin E, Essential oils for fragrance 


Proudly made in the USA!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sam Spence
Great Beard Wash!

This product in addition to their other products keep your beard nice and soft, and promote healthy growth. Most other beard washes I've tried would dry out my beard, and this does not! Also, don't worry when using this scent wash, and then different scent oil/balm, as this scent does not over power the oils/balm. But, if you do not put anything in your beard after a shower for the night, the refreshing scent does stay for a while. Great stuff across the whole line of products!

John Brenner
Beard wash +more

GENTLEMEN! Your beard will love you for this wash... not only your beard though... have a hairy chest? Have a hairy lower half? Your upper half look like you are wearing a sweater vest? Well this stuff works great as body wash too!